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Jack Hopkins to stay at Punjab United for the 2024/25 season

Punjab United are delighted to announce that Jack Hopkins will be staying at the club for the 2024/25 season.

The experienced midfielder signed for us from Phoenix Sports in December where he made his debut for us in the SCEFL Challenge Cup against Holmesdale FC. Since then, he has accumulated 21 appearances for the club scoring twice in matches against Whitstable Town and Fisher FC.

Manager - Chipie Sian: "I was really pleased to sign Jack in December and I haven't looked back since them with some amazing performances and a great leader amongst the squad. I'm delighted to keep him for the 2024/25 season and he'll be really key for us on the pitch and off the pitch."

One of his best moments last season was the goal against Fisher FC where he then celebrated with the West Ham symbol (Irons). Jack has been a player who has been able to settle into the side well and because having lots of former team mates with him, it made it easier for him to get into the side. He's also been someone who will always congratulate on our youth teams and the success they have had over the course of last season.

Player - Jack Hopkins: "I'm pleased to have stayed with Punjab for the 2024/25 season. There are big expectations at the club this year and as they say the sky is the limit so who knows what we could achieve this year!"

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